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Ecocatering kft
Kőrösi Csoma Sándor utca 42., Gödöllő, 2100, Hungary
Personal pick up here:
2100 Gödöllő, Kőrösi Csoma S. u. 42. Corner Ipari Park "A" épület
Phone number:
Shop name:
Tax number:
EU VAT number:
Company registration number:
13 09 186227
Company court:
Budapest Környéki Törvényszék Cégbírósága
Bank account number:
Contact person name:
Szabóné Milinki Anett
Contact person´s phone number:
+36 30 159 2660
Contact person´s e-mail address:
pure [at]
The minimum order amount is:
Net 5 000 Ft
Home delivery for HoReCa customers in Budapest
Home delivery for HoReCa customers in Budapest
We deliver orders over 50.000 HUF net to restaurants in Budapest free of charge. Please choose this delivery method only if you have a gastronomic profile in Budapest
Delivery is made by our electric truck on working days except Tuesdays or on the special delivery day indicated on the website.
Store Pickup
Pick up your orders at our warehouse to avoid shipping charges.
By prior arrangement, you can pick up your order at our warehouse between 9-14h on working days.
Note that you cannot pay on the premise, the purchase must be paid by credit card or bank transfer before you come and pick it up.

42, Kőrösi Csoma S. u., 2100 Gödöllő.

Please note that you can neither make a purchase nor pay at the warehouse.
Courier Service (GLS)
Courier service for orders within Hungary
If you need shipping to abroad, please contact our customer service.

(Not applicable for retailers. For GTC, see Retailer Agreement.)
Order total
Shipping cost
0  Ft
6 350.9  Ft
1 490 Ft
6 351  Ft
12 700.9  Ft
1 990 Ft
12 701  Ft
63 500.9  Ft
3 990 Ft
63 501  Ft
127 000.9  Ft
7 990 Ft
127 001  Ft
Shipping weight Shipping cost / parcel (incl. VAT) COD value COD fee (incl. VAT)
0-2 kg 1450 up to HUF 10,000 HUF 500
2-5 kg 1650 up to HUF 20,000 HUF 630
5-10 kg 2200 up to HUF 50,000 HUF 880
10-13 kg 3950 up to HUF 100,000 HUF 1050
13-16 kg 4500 up to HUF 200,000 HUF 1600
16-20 kg 5300
20-25 kg 6000
25-30 kg 6500
30-35 kg 7200
35-40 kg 7800
40-50 kg 9800
50- 75 kg 13900
75-100 kg 16900
100-125 kg 20900
125-150 kg 28900
150-175 kg 33900
175-220 kg 37900
Wire transfer
Please transfer the amount of your purchase to our bank account with MKB and write your order ID in the comment field.

The data used for payment:
Bank account: 10103836-11648600-01006007
Company name: Ecocatering Kft
Reference: your order ID
Paying by credit card on delivery
You can pay for your order on the spot by credit card in the case of personal delivery or on-site collection.
Credit card payment with BARION or online credit card
With this payment method you can pay for your order either by credit card or BARION wallet.
Convenient and secure online payment is provided by Barion Payment Zrt.
Your bank card details will not be transmitted to our store.
Pay on Delivery (up to HUF10.000 order value) +HUF420
You pay the courier when the parcel arrives.
HUF420 COD fee will be charged
Pay on Delivery (up to HUF20.000 order value) +HUF500
You pay the courier when the parcel arrives.
HUF500 POD fee will be charged
Pay on Delivery (up to HUF50.000 order value) +HUF760
You pay the courier when the parcel arrives.
HUF760 COD fee will be charged
Pay on Delivery (up to HUF100.000 order value) +HUF870
You pay the courier when the parcel arrives.
HUF870 COD fee will be charged
Pay on Delivery (up to HUF150.000 order value) +HUF1240
You pay the courier when the parcel arrives. HUF1240 POD fee will be charged

Credit Card (Barion)

Discount on the total amount of the current order
Order total
0  Ft
254 000.9  Ft
254 001  Ft
508 000.9  Ft
5 %
508 001  Ft
762 000.9  Ft
7.5 %
762 001  Ft
1 016 000.9  Ft
9 %
1 016 001  Ft
1 270 000.9  Ft
10.5 %
1 270 001  Ft
12.5 %



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For orders over HUF 200,000 net, we can offer you 5%
for orders over HUF 400.000 net, 7,5% 
for orders over HUF 600.000 net, 9%
for orders over HUF 800.000 net, 10,5%
for orders over HUF 1.000.000 net, 12,5% discount off the grand total of the invoice.




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